38 Killed in Heavy Fighting Around Yemen’s Taiz

Fighting Throws a Wrench Into Yesterday's Ceasefire

Any hope that the latest US-announced ceasefire in Yemen was going to hold was dashed today, with reports of heavy fighting in areas around the outskirts of Taiz. At least 38 fighters have been killed, according to medical sources in the area, including 24 Houthis and 14 pro-Saudi fighters.

This fighting came just a day after the Thursday ceasefire was to take effect. The ceasefire was publicly endorsed by the Houthis and the Saudi government, though the pro-Saudi Yemeni forces criticized the move, saying they weren’t consulted enough on it.

As usual, both sides are disputing who started it, though it was notable that either side really mentioned the ceasefire in the comments, suggesting that the ceaesfire itself didn’t play a significant role in continuing their intense fighting around the city.

Taiz is considered an important city because it is on the main highway between the capital city of Sanaa and the pro-Saudi faction’s southern port capital of Aden. During the Saudi invasion, the city was attacked heavily in an attempt to secure a straight line to the capital, but it has remained contested ever since.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.