Pentagon Offers to Resume Libya Airstrikes If Asked

Planes Prepared to Launch Further Attacks on Sirte

Over three months after the US launched its military campaign against ISIS in Libya, the Pentagon has announced that they are fully prepared to carry out more airstrikes against ISIS targets in Sirte, if they are requested by the UN-backed “unity government.”

The Pentagon says their planes are ready for more airstrikes whenever asked, while conceding that ISIS “no longer controls much territory there.” Officials have claimed ISIS was on the verge of being wiped out in Sirte for months now.

While the early offensive by the unity government did manage to push ISIS out of much of the city, driving them into an area along the coast. Despite optimism about a quick wrap up of this operation, no measurable progress has been made since, with the forces unable to unseat ISIS from this area.

The initial 30-day operation ended on August 31, and the Obama Administration has repeatedly extended the war since, with officials saying there is no specific end date in site. Though it’s been quite some time since the US has actually done anything in Libya, they seem unwilling to allow their involvement on paper to end.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of