Syrian Army Enters Metro Damascus Town, Driving Rebels Further Back

Rebels Blame Internal Fights for Growing Losses

The Syrian Army has entered the town of Tel Kurdi, on the outskirts of Damascus, entering the area over the weekend and pushing into yet another rebel-held area, bringing their forces yet closer to the rebel city of Douma, the last major rebel holding around the capital.

Tel Kurdi, like all the remaining rebel areas in Ghouta, was under siege for some time, and the rebel forces within fell back almost immediately, with no reports of major fighting, and the rebels bragging of a “scorched earth” policy destroying everything of value on their way out.

One of the members of the rebel council blamed the mounting losses on internal fights among the fashions. Indeed, over the past several months a lot of towns and villages in the area have fallen, either in military offensives or in negotiated pullouts.

The negotiated pullouts have been the most effective way to displace large amounts of rebels lately, with the rebels getting sent north into Nusra Front territory around Idlib. This is increasingly boiling down to government control of the area around Damascus, and increased rebel influence in the north.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of