Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemen Capital as Ceasefire Ends

Houthis Launch Offensive Against Saudi Allies Near Taiz

The 72-hour ceasefire in Yemen expired this weekend, and fighting resumed almost immediately thereafter. Both sides spent virtually the whole ceasefire accusing one another of violations, though in practice the number of casualties plummeted during the truce, and the capital of Sanaa was barely touched.

Sanaa was immediately the target of a new round of airstrikes, with several attacks reported agianst both the city itself and the nearby port of Hodeidah. The Houthis launched attacks against pro-Saudi targets as well, with heavy artillery fire reported against areas of Taiz, and Saudi officials reporting a pair of houses destroyed in the Jazan Province.

UN officials were working to try to secure another ceasefire, or an extension of the existing one, right up through its expiration, though in the end neither side has reported much interest, and indeed there was so much effort by both sides in blaming the other for shortcomings in the existing one both seem at least a bit relieved that it’s over.

This 72-hour ceasefire was the result of calls by US and British officials, and allowed for an influx of humanitarian aid. Exactly how much aid got in is unclear, but there were no peace talks or anything else, so the effort appears to have begun and ended with getting everyone a few days off from fighting, and a little aid delivered.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of