Saudi Airstrikes Kill at Least 21 Civilians in Northern Yemen

Scores Wounded in Attack Against Water-Drilling Site

A series of Saudi airstrikes against targets in northern Yemen have killed at least 21 civilians and wounded scores of others, with the larger of the two strikes occurring at a water-drilling site in the Arhab District, due north of the capital city of Sanaa.

The first airstrike killed four workers at the site, and attracted local villagers who aimed to carry out a rescue effort. Five more strikes targeted the rescuers, killing at least 11 more civilians and wounding at least another 20, though locals reported that the toll was likely far higher. claiming around 100 casualties.

Saudi officials claimed that the attacks on the water-drilling site targeted Shi’ite Houthi members, though it does not appear that any were present at the time, nor does it appear the site was a “Houthi position” as they are claiming, beyond being nominally in Houthi territory.

The second attack targeted a local tribal leader in the Hajjah Province, destroying his home and killing at least six civilians. It is unclear if the tribal leader was among the slain, and Saudi officials did not specify why he was targeted in the first place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of