Turkish Special Forces Hunt Coup Plotters Across Nation

Over 1,000 Troops Involved in Active Manhunt for 11 Plotters in Marmaris

Nearly two weeks after the failed military coup d’etat in Turkey, active military operations are still ongoing in several places around the country, as special forces look to hunt down more suspected coup plotters to add to some 60,000 people already caught up in the purge.

Having arrested 360 generals already for involvement in the coup, Turkey’s military is described as a fractured mess, with some very highly ranked officials having been arrested for participating in the coup. The purge is expected to put Erdogan loyalists in most of the key positions in power.

Leadership crisis notwithstanding, Turkey still has some significant operations ongoing, with over 1,000 troops described as participating in an operation around the coastal resort of Marmaris, where they are trying to track down 11 suspected plotters.

Erdogan was vacationing in Marmaris the night of the coup, and officials seem to believe that there are still people involved in the plot in the area. They have, however, insisted that there is really no part of the Turkish government that wasn’t infiltrated by plotters, which has led to this huge purge.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.