Heavy Airstrikes Hit Five Clinics Across Syria’s Aleppo

Five Reported Killed in Latest Salvo

Heavy Syrian airstrikes against al-Qaeda-held targets across the northern Aleppo Province once again heavily impacted civilian bystanders, with reports of at least five civilians killed, and five medical clinics across the province also hit and forced to close.

Four of the clinics were in the city of Aleppo itself, and a fifth was in the town of Atareb to the west. One infant was reported killed inside a struck clinic, though it appears the other four civilians slain were killed unrelated to the attacks hitting hospitals.

Indeed, early reports suggested that the hospitals sustained very little actual damage, though they were closed by aid groups out of an abundance of caution, and fear that they might be targeted again, and this time when more civilians are present.

The Red Cross responded to reports of the attacks by warning that neither civilians or hospitals are a target. Unfortunately, in the fighting around Aleppo, it seems like civilians have been taking the brunt of the attacks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.