Istanbul Bombers Identified as ISIS-Linked Foreigners

Turkey Arrests 13 in Connection With Tuesday Attack

Turkish officials have identified the three bombers involved in Tuesday’s Istanbul airport bombing attack as foreign nations, from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and at least one was reported to have come to Turkey by way of Raqqa, the ISIS capital.

This adds to the belief that ISIS was behind the attack, though as of yet there has been no formal claim of responsibility. Turkish officials still say the investigation is ongoing, and that they don’t want to draw any hasty conclusions.

They did, however, carry out a series of anti-terror raids in the area around Istanbul related to the airport attack, reportedly arresting 13 people in connection with the attack. Four of the arrested were foreigners, though details on who they are remain scant.

Turkey has long been a conduit for ISIS fighters from around the world to make their way into ISIS territory. It is only over the past year that this has started to result in spillover ISIS violence in southern Turkey, and with Turkey responding militarily, ISIS has also escalated their attacks across the country.

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