Syrian Rebels Threaten to Attack Troops in Hama Amid Prison Revolt

Rebel Negotiators Demand Government Give in to Prisoners' Demands

Syrian rebels from the pro-Saudi High Negotiations Committee (HNC) are demanding that the Syrian government give in to the demands of protesters who took control of the Hama Province central prison, threatening to attack military positions if they don’t give in.

Rioting prisoners captured several guards in the prison on Monday and have held parts of the compound ever since, demanding the release of political prisoners. After prisoner began to be released, they added to their demands.

Syria has built up troops around the prison compound, and fired tear gas inside. 25 were reported wounded in the first efforts to force their way into the compound to put down the riot, but more efforts are expected.

This has led the rebels to accuse the military of a “planned massacre,” even though no one has actually been confirmed killed so far in the week-long siege. The Syrian Interior Ministry has tried to downplay the situation in state media.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of