Netanyahu Confirms ‘Dozens’ of Israeli Strikes on Syria During Civil War

Says Strikes Prevented Weapons Transfers to Hezbollah

Throughout the Syrian Civil War, Israel has repeatedly attacked Syrian military targets. That’s not really news, but Israeli officials have always been a bit coy about the matter, hinting at involvement but never formally discussing it.

Until today. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visiting the occupied Golan Heights, admitted Israel has attacked Syria “dozens” of times over the course of the war, saying that the attacks were “meant to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining game-changing weaponry.”

Netanyahu didn’t offer further details on what was attacked in those dozens of incidents, but they have mostly been reported to target Syrian military bases, with the occasional military convoy believed to be transferring weapons to Hezbollah also hit.

Israeli officials have said they welcome the ongoing ceasefire, which has brought parts of the civil war to a halt, but that they are not a party to the deal, and that it does not preclude them from attacking Syria some more if they feel the need.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of