US Marine Killed in ISIS Rocket Fire Outside Mosul

First US Soldier Killed in Iraq Since October

A US Marine stationed at the Makhmour base outside of the ISIS city of Mosul was killed today in a rocket attack, the first American killed in Iraq since October, when another soldier was killed as a result of “enemy action.”

Interestingly, Iraqi officials reported rocket attacks against the base, but repeatedly denied that there were any injuries, let alone deaths. US officials say rocket strikes against the base have increased in recent weeks.

Iraqi officials have been intending to build up a large attack force to invade Mosul, though some in the Iraqi military has expressed concern, saying they will need to dedicate too many troops to that fight and leave the rest of the country under-defended. At the same time, some Iraqi officials are predicting a quick, easy win in Mosul.

Iraq lost Mosul in summer of 2014, which led to the US launching an air war against ISIS. Though the US vowed “no boots on the ground,” there are now over 4,000 US ground troops in Iraq, with more expected all the time.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of