North Korea’s Kim: Nuclear Warhead Test ‘Soon’

Also Vows Tests on Ballistic Missiles to Carry Those Warheads

According to the latest reports out of the reclusive nation’s state media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who recently claimed his nation already had perfectly functioning nuclear warheads, announced today the country intends to test a design for such a warhead.

If this happens the impact would be huge. North Korea has claimed an enormous nuclear capability for years, but beyond a few underground tests their capabilities are unclear, and most doubt they have a deliverable weapon.

Kim was also said to announce planned test-fires of several types of ballistic missiles capable of carrying such warheads “soon,” though it was unclear exactly which ones. North Korea has some designs that could theoretically reach the US, but reliability and accuracy are in serious doubt.

The announced plans come amid the annual escalation of tensions between North Korea and the US, which occurs every spring during the US-South Korea military drills. Whether North Korea will follow through on the plans this year, before the dust-up ends, or wait until next spring’s tensions, remains to be seen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of