Afghan Police Officer Killed After Attacking NATO Delegation

Officials: Unclear Why Policeman Opened Fire on Troops

In the latest “green-on-blue” attack, an Afghan police officer was killed today when he opened fire on a delegation of NATO troops near the Industry Minister in Kabul. There was no news of any NATO casualties in the incident.

Afghan officials say it is unclear why the police officer attacked the NATO delegation, and the Interior Ministry has promised to investigate the incident. The police officer was shot by the NATO troops, and died in the hospital.

Afghan troops and police opening fire on NATO occupation forces was a big problem in years past, and led to NATO keeping its troops away from Afghan security force bases, limiting their contact, this reduced the green-on-blue attacks.

But led to soaring green-on-green attacks, with Afghan police, many of them Taliban infiltrators, launching myriad attacks killing other police, and making off with large amounts of weaponry and vehicles when they defected back to the insurgency.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of