Seven TV Station Employees Killed in Afghan Capital Bombing

25 Wounded in Attack in Downtown Kabul

Seven employees of Afghanistan’s TOLO TV channel were killed and 25 other people were wounded
when a Taliban car bomber rammed into one of the station’s vehicles in downtown Kabul, detonating in relatively heavy traffic.

The attack was not far from the embassy district, and the latest in a growing number of Taliban strikes in what are supposedly the most secure parts of the country, attacks they appear to be able to mount with virtual impunity.

The Taliban has had a problem with the privately-run TOLO station, which broadcasts entertainment programs, for quite some time, and recent declared them a “legitimate military target.” This is the first attack on the station since that declaration.

The Taliban issued a statement after today’s attack threatening more if TOLO doesn’t cease its “satanic” broadcasts of “evil propaganda.” TOLO has insisted that they will not be silenced by the attack and will continue.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of