One Killed, Four Wounded as ISIS Rocket Fire Hits Turkish School

Other Shells Fired Land in Nearby Field

Turkish military forces reported they are retaliating against ISIS territory in Syria tonight, after rockets from across the border hit a school in the Kilis region of Turkey, killing a school employee and wounding at least four other people.

There have been occasional stray mortar shells across the border from ISIS territory over the past few years, but they rarely hit anything. Two other shells were reported today, which hit a field near the school, but caused no additional casualties.

The latest strikes may not have been simple accidents, however, with Turkish officials making much of recent artillery strikes against ISIS killing over a hundred militants last week likely setting the stage for some retaliatory fire.

The recent flare up in violence has seen Turkey recommitting military assets to the fight against ISIS, after spending the past several months focusing almost exclusively on fighting against ethnic Kurds in southeastern Turkey.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of