South Korea Fires Warning Shots at ‘Flying Object’ Across Border With North Korea

Speculation Troops Saw a North Korean Drone

Adding to the ever-rising tensions in the area, the South Korean military fired a series of “warning shots” across the border into North Korea after spotting a “flying object” of unknown design and origin flying on the North Korean side of the border.

South Korea’s Army said they broadcast a warning to the “device” and then started shooting at it, after which it changed direction and headed deeper into North Korean territory. It is believed to be a North Korean drone.

North Korea is known to have primitive fleet of spy drones, though South Korea appeared unable to even identify if that’s what this particular “device” was, and it raised immediate speculation among southern officials of some northern plot.

The early speculation is that the drone was spotting South Korean loudspeakers broadcasting propaganda into the north in a prelude to shooting at a few of them. This happened the last time South Korea set up the loudspeakers, though the large speakers are relatively cheap to produce and probably not economical to attack wholesale.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of