Afghan DM: 30 Taliban Killed as Troops Retake Area on Tajik Border

Officials Say Situation 'Under Control' After Battle

According to the Afghan Defense Ministry, heavy fighting Saturday night into Sunday morning in the Takhar Province has left the military in control of the Darqad District, which had previously been under Taliban control.

The Darqad District is considered particularly important in the area, as it borders neighboring Tajikistan. Fighting in the area has raised fears that the Afghan War, which has already spread across Pakistan, could soon envelope nations to the north of Afghanistan as well.

According to the defense ministry, the fighting raged throughout the night, and at least 30 Taliban were killed in the operation. They offered no data on casualties on their own side, however.

Historically, the Taliban hasn’t been significantly powerful in the north of Afghanistan, and has mostly dominated the area around Pakistan’s border. This year, however, they’ve expanded quite a bit in the north, seizing a number of areas across the northeast.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of