Kerry: China Must End ‘Business as Usual’ With North Korea

Insists China's Plan for North Korea Has Not Worked

Secretary of State John Kerry has told his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi that the US has decided China’s North Korea strategy is a failure and that they must abandon “business as usual” after this week’s apparent nuclear test.

Kerry told reporters that the US had been in consultations with China in the past, and agreed to “give them the space to be able to implement” their desired strategy, but that the US decided the new test proved China’s strategy wasn’t going to work.

China is said to be annoyed with North Korea’s most recent test, which came without advanced warning to any nation. US Congressmen see forcing China to cut ties with North Korea would be a way to crack down on them after the test, and suggested sanctioning Chinese banks that do business with North Korea.

This risks doing harm to US-China relations, however, and China’s own options with North Korea are comparatively limited, as the nation is trying to keep them from collapsing outright, for fear it will lead to either a region war, or a huge refugee influx into China.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of