Poll: Record Number of Americans Say Terrorists Are Winning

40% See Terror Winning, Up From 9% in 2011

A newly released CNN/ORC poll shows a record large percentage of Americans believing that, with respect to the global war on terrorism, the terrorists are winning, along with the lowest number yet thinking the US are winning.

The new poll saw 40% thinking terrorists are winning, 18% thinking the US is, and 40% saying no one is winning. This is a sharp split from the last poll, in 2011, which saw 9% believe terrorists are winning, 44% thinking the US is, and 45% saying neither.

Similar polls have been conducted since 2001, and the previous peak for the “terrorists” answer was 23%, in August 2005, immediately after the London Tube bombings. Even then, 34% thought the US was winning.

Other questions in the poll saw the public split 49-49 on the question of sending ground troops to Iraq and Syria, but perhaps even more interestingly, a record large number of Americans, 53%, believing the government can “prevent all major attacks if it works hard enough at it.”

There was no accompanying language suggesting exactly how the government would eliminate terrorism, but previous polls on the same question have tended to have a strong majority of Americans believing that terrorists would “always find a way.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.