US Embassy Warns of ‘Imminent Attack’ in Kabul

Credible Reports Suggest Afghan Capital to Face Attack in Next 48 Hours

The US Embassy in Afghanistan has issued an emergency warning for all US citizens in the country today, urging “extreme caution” for anyone within the capital city of Kabul, saying there are “credible reports of an imminent attack” there.

Details are still emerging, but officials said that the attacks are expected within the next 48 hours, and could include multiple assailants and car bombs throughout the city. They had no details on likely targets or exact timing, however.

The Afghan Interior Ministry shrugged off the warning, saying it was “nothing new” and that they see many such reports of imminent attacks every day. The State Department is warning against travel to Afghanistan in general because of the country’s instability.

The US has been occupying Afghanistan for over 14 years now, and security seems to be growing worse all the time, with an attempted suicide bombing in Kabul just two days ago, which now appears to have been simply the prelude to something much bigger.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of