ISIS Threatens Paris-Style Attacks in Washington

Vows All Nations Involved in 'Crusader Campaign' Will Face the Same

Fresh off Friday evening’s attack in Paris, ISIS has issued a new video in which they threaten attacks across the world, with Washington DC in particular mentioned as their next target, saying all nations involved in the “crusader campaign” against them would face the same.

The video reportedly came out of Salaheddin Province, Iraq, and the Department of Homeland Security says they are not going to comment on the video but have no information on a potential attack.

Just yesterday, White House officials were dismissing the risk of ISIS attacks within the United States, insisting ISIS lacks the capability of launching attacks on American soil. The reliability of this assessment is, however, in some dispute.

ISIS is seen to be keen to launch more high-profile overseas attacks lately, with a Thursday attack in Beirut and a Friday one in Paris, and the United States, the leader of the anti-ISIS coalition, is presumably very high on their target list as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of