Obama: ISIS ‘Contained,’ No Longer Gaining Strength

Insists ISIS Not Gaining Ground in Iraq or Syria

An interview recorded Thirsday and aired Friday morning saw President Obama claiming that ISIS has been successfully “contained” by the US military, and that the group is no longer capable of gaining ground in either Iraq or Syria.

Obama conceded that ISIS hadn’t been fully “decapitated” by the military operations, but credited US forces with keeping them from taking new territory, even though they’ve taken a massive amount of new territory in both Iraq and Syria since the US airstrikes began.

US officials are hyping their “progress” against ISIS, citing what they believe is “reasonable certainty” that a drone strike Thursday killed “Jihadi John” a British ISIS member who they’d sought to kill for some time.

The timing of Obama’s claim of containment likely couldn’t have been worse, however, as Thursday saw a massive ISIS dual suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, and Friday evening saw an even bigger round of attacks in Paris, with speculation ISIS was involved there as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.