NATO Mulls Sending Yet More Troops to Russian Border

Plans All Aimed at Adding Troops to Poland, Baltics

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, there are once again conversations going among NATO diplomats and military leaders about planning to deploy even more troops along the Russian frontier, with some plans potentially including as many as 4,000 additional ground troops.

New announcements of deployments, particularly into Poland and the Baltic states, which are again the focus of today’s reports, are common enough, but have in recent months trickled out in much smaller amounts, allowing repeated announcements of “new” forces pretty much constantly.

The new plans are subject to rare debate, with the US as usual leading the push for ever more troops, and Germany leading the opposition, with German officials saying they don’t want to treat Moscow “as a permanent enemy” because of the dispute over Ukraine.

Indeed, with the Ukraine Civil War in a state of ceasefire for almost 9 months now, it seems a flimsy excuse for more NATO escalations in the region,and predictions of a Russian invasion of Europe have clearly not panned out. This has not shifted the goals of NATO’s hawks to get more troops into Eastern Europe, but may be wearing through the patience of everyone else.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of