Saudi Airstrikes Kill 21 Houthis, Three Civilians Across Yemen

13 Pro-Houthi Soldiers Also Reported Slain in AQAP Attacks

Saudi airstrikes were reported at multiple sites across Yemen, with at least 21 Houthis killed between the Jawf Province and the southwestern port town of Mocha, in Taiz Province. Three civilians were also reported killed in the Taiz offensive.

Officials also reported 34 fighters from both sides killed in fighting unrelated to the airstrikes in Taiz, though so far no one has offered any indication on the split between Houthis and pro-Saudi fighters in this conflict, nor similarly any indication of territory changing hands in Taiz.

10 pro-Houthi soldiers were also reported slain in a rare suicide attack near the port city of Hodeida, with sources suggesting that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was likely the culprit. AQAP’s previous moves have focused on the Mukalla port in the far south.

The sources on the Hodeida attack said that the AQAP attackers took advantage of it being the weekend, and hit the compound when most of the staff was off for Friday prayers. AQAP also killed three other soldiers in Hadramawt, in the southeast.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of