Obama Condemns Putin, Republicans, Many Others in UN Speech

Suggests Willingness to Work With All Those Things He Condemned

In his high-profile speech to the UN General Assembly, President Obama angrily condemned a litany of rivals both domestic and international, while talking up plans to destroy ISIS and impose regime change in Syria.

As expected, Obama’s main focus was railing against Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Putin stood for a “darker, more disordered world” because of his support for the Syrian government in its war against ISIS, and also for the civil war in Ukraine, which has been in ceasefire for half a year now.

Obama also found time to condemn China for building islands in the South China Sea, and to condemn Iran for supporting Syria and for being “anti-American,” while bragging about having the most powerful military on the planet at his command.

Obama also went after Republicans in his speech, condemning them for “demonizing” different religions, even as he himself demonized a large array of various nations he saw as posing problems for America’s “diplomatic” efforts.

President Putin offered a pretty straightforward rebuke in his own speech, lashing the US and NATO for creating a power vacuum in places like Libya, and mocking the incredibly ineffective US rebel training scheme in Syria, saying the US sees to it they’re armed and trained, and then sends them to Syria where they immediately defect to Islamist groups.

Incredibly though, President Obama followed up condemning pretty much everybody by saying he is “willing to work with them” on the Syrian War, reflecting an increasingly confused US narrative on even where they’re at on the Syrian War.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.