Pro-Saudi Fighters, Houthis Trade Attack in Contested Yemen City of Taiz

14 Killed in Fighting, 10 Civilians Killed in Saudi Airstrike

After the pro-Saudi forces seized the southern Yemeni city of Aden, their first target was to be Taiz. It made sense both as the nation’s third largest city, and because it is on the highway between Aden and the capital city of Sanaa. Weeks later, the city remains contested.

On Saturday, the fighting picked up again, with both sides launching offensives and trying to shift the battle in their favor. Houthi fighters attacked pro-Saudi districts, killing at least 14 people, mostly fighters but reportedly including some civilians.

Meanwhile, Saudi warplanes were attacking the pro-Houthi districts, with at least 10 civilians, all from the same family, killed when the campaign hit residential areas. The attacks were said to have targeted the homes of “pro-Houthi” residents.

With pro-Saudi ground troops having shifted their focus to Maarib, Taiz seems to be swinging in favor of the Houthis, with pro-Saudi fighters on the ground complaining they are facing weapons shortages and lack of reinforcement in the latest fighting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of