Congressional Dems Will Be Deciding Factor on Iran Vote

Several Key Senators Remain 'Undecided'

The Republican Congressional leadership has promised a vote in September to try to block the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. The leadership seems unified in opposing the deal, but will need considerable support from the Democratic opposition to actually get the vote through.

That means the final vote could rest heavily on a number of Senate Democrats who say they are “undecided” on the pact, including Sens. Christopher Coons (D – DE) and Chuck Schumer (D – NY), who are facing heavy lobbying, orchestrated by Israel Lobby factions, to kill the deal.

Sen. Schumer denied that pressure would have any impact on his decision, but with the terms of the deal out in public already, the fact that several senators don’t want to come out one way or another suggests they are mostly gauging the political ramifications of the vote, not still reading a relatively brief pact.

That’s been assumed to be the case from the start, which is why many millions of dollars are being thrown into lobbying efforts, and why the leadership is holding the vote off until the last possible minute, hoping to give those lobbyists as much time as possible to sway the undecided.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of