Turkey Denies Any Civilians Killed in Latest Attacks on Kurds

Kurds Urge US to 'Clarify' What Turkey Is Doing

Kurdish officials from both Iraq and Syria are complaining that the recent rounds of Turkish attacks, particularly one against the Iraqi village of Zargala, have killed a number of civilians. The Turkish military is denying that this is the case.

Turkey insisted it was “well known” that Zargala, which they identified as a “terrorist camp” instead of a village, had no civilians in it, and only senior members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Interestingly, Turkey went on to accuse the PKK of using civilians as human shields, despite insisting none of them are ever present at the strikes.

Questions of civilian deaths are continuing to be raised, however, as well as Turkish attacks against the YPG inside Syria, with the YPG saying it has contacted the US and is demanding “clarification” on what their and Turkey’s intentions in northern Syria.

The Pentagon said it was “aware” of the reports of attacks against the YPG, but didn’t offer any further statements on the matter. The US and Turkey are said to be planning a “safe zone” in northern Syria, carved out of territory held by both ISIS and the YPG.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.