Fighting Rages Despite Latest Yemen ‘Ceasefire’

Second Failed Ceasefire of the Month

Earlier this month, the UN announced that it had made a deal with Yemen’s Houthis and the Saudi-backed former Hadi government for a week-long humanitarian ceasefire, meant to last through the end of Ramadan. That lasted only about a half hour before, backed by Saudi airstrikes, the Hadi faction launched a massive offensive against the Houthis in Aden.

So on Saturday, when the Saudis announced another week-long ceasefire, the Houthis were quick to reject the idea, saying they believe the announcement is just meant to strengthen the position of the Hadi forces. That’s likely true, as the talk from the moment it was announced was of ferrying more arms and equipment into Aden.

Fighting raged throughout the day today, right up to the time the ceasefire was scheduled to begin, and all indications are that it continued apace beyond the supposed start, meaning it didn’t even last the half hour that the last failed ceasefire did.

The Saudi announcement of the latest ceasefire came after Friday airstrikes against Mocha killed 120 civilians, and were likely meant to forestall any international criticism of the growing civilian toll in the war. Since the war began in March thousands of civilians have been slain.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of