Gaza’s ISIS Affiliate Threatens Israel Rockets to Challenge Hamas

Group Riled by Hamas Arrests of Bombing Suspects

Gaza’s ISIS affiliate has issued a new statement today slamming Hamas for a spate of arrests against them, targeting suspects in a recent round for car bombings, and promising to carry out “reprisals” with missile attacks against Israel.

This has been a recurring problem for Hamas in recent months, as the ISIS affiliate knows Israel will respond to rocket fire from Gaza by attacking Hamas, even when their own military admits the rockets aren’t Hamas’ doing and that Hamas is trying to prevent the fire.

The recent car bombings targeted leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s military wings, and while ISIS didn’t claim credit for the strikes it was widely assumed they were behind the attacks, leading to the arrests.

Israeli officials, incredibly, continue to accuse Hamas of being secretly in league with ISIS, even as ISIS continues to openly pick fights with them and publicly acknowledges their intention to use Israel as a weapon against Hamas.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of