UN Security Council, EU Both Endorse Iran Deal

Germany Looks to Restore Trading Ties With Iran

Showing the broad international consensus on the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, both the UN Security Council and the European Union have publicly approved the deal today in unanimous votes praising the pact.

The EU vote lifts broad amounts of economic sanctions against Iran, and German officials moved quickly to restore trade ties with Iran, hoping to get a leg up on other countries scrambling to forge new economic ties with Iran’s industrial companies, which are in dire need of major upgrades.

The votes underscore just how isolated opponents to the deal have become recently, amounting at this point to a handful of Iranian ultraconservatives, the US Congressional leadership, and the Israeli government. With Israel not a party to the deal and the Iranian ultraconservatives in the minority, Congress is the only possible ones to “block” the deal.

For the US Congress to actually block the Iran deal, they would need a two-thirds majority in both houses to override a veto. Though Congressional leaders say they believe they can do that, and the Israel Lobby is putting considerable month toward that, it is seen as extremely unlikely.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.