FBI Director Cheers Twitter for Cooperation Against ISIS

Praises Twitter for Helping Track ISIS Tweeters

With increased focus on ISIS’s use of social media for recruitment, FBI Director James Comey today cheered Twitter for its “cooperation” with FBI efforts against them, saying the company had been working closely with the bureau on ISIS-linked users.

While some of the reports centered on Twitter mass-closing “suspicious accounts,” Comey’s comments suggested there is also an effort to let certain accounts continue for the sake of “information-gathering” against ISIS.

Twitter is often used as a recruitment platform for ISIS, with the group direct messaging potential recruits before moving to more secure, encrypted platforms for more detailed discussion.

Comey emphasized how nice it was that Twitter isn’t encrypted so he can “get access to it and see it.” This comment is likely aimed at trying to get Congress to agree to his calls to force commercial encryption software to include an FBI-approved back door to allow snooping on the communications.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.