Kerry: US Ready to Walk Away From Iran Talks

With Deal Seemingly Days Away, US Threats Grow

With everyone else talking about breakthroughs having been made in the talks and a possible final nuclear deal with Iran being reached later this week, Secretary of State John Kerry stepped up US threats about the talks, saying the US might “walk away” at any minute.

US officials have repeatedly presented the idea of walking away from the Iran talks as a possibility, which has been seen primarily as attempts to placate hawks in the US Congress and the Israeli government who are loudly opposed to any deal.

But as the deal draws closer, Kerry’s threats are likely to have less impact consoling the Israel Lobby and do more damage in convincing Iranian negotiators that the US isn’t negotiating in good faith, and is liable to bail on the process rather than allow a final pact.

That may not be Kerry’s intention, as he did pepper into his threats praise for the progress made so far. If the US actually does follow through with threats and withdraw from the talks on the eve of a final deal, however, it would likely do massive damage to America’s global standing, particularly with the other P5+1 member nations.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of