US Kills Nuclear-Free Mideast Conference, Citing Israel

Four weeks of UN efforts to get together a conference on a nuclear weapons ban in the Middle East ended in failure today, with the US spurning the deal on the conference, citing Israel.

Though the US initially backed the nuclear-free Middle East effort, they later realized Israel is the only nation in the region with such arms, and has since criticized the effort as unfair.

Though US officials have been to Israel in recent days to try to get them to sign off on some vague notion of an eventual nuclear-free Middle East, there was no progress, as Israel won’t even publicly affirm their arsenal.

After failing to get Israel to okay the deal, the US angrily blamed Egypt for the whole thing, saying they’d “cynically manipulated” the process by bringing up Israel’s arsenal at all.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of