Yemen Capital Sees Heaviest Saudi Airstrikes Since Truce Expired

Civilians Flee Amid Growing Missile Strikes

After the Saudi government announced the end of their humanitarian truce on Yemen Sunday night, a series of airstrikes were almost immediately reported across the south, centering on Aden.

Overnight, the strikes began hitting the capital city of Sanaa again in earnest, and locals are reporting that the city is under the heaviest number of strikes since before the truce.

Casualties are so far unclear, but there is a new civilian exodus out of the city as strikes centering around Yemeni military weapons depots.

That’s been the case with past Saudi strikes on Sanaa as well, with hilltop missile depots being hit in strikes and setting up series of explosions that tear through the residential neighborhoods below.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of