Despite Yemen Ceasefire, Clashes Reported in Two Cities

10 Killed in Fighting Between Houthis, Sunni Militia

The five-day Yemeni ceasefire is holding more or less today, with reports that the Houthis have withdrawn from the Saudi border to prevent any further cross-border incidents, and the WHO reporting some aid shipments finally arriving in Hodeida and Mukalla.

That Mukalla was selected as one of the aid drop points is surprising, as the city was conquered by al-Qaeda late last month, and all indications are they still control the port.

Not that all was calm, however, with reports of heavy fighting between the Houthis and some unaffiliated Sunni militia in Taiz. The Saudis have presented this as a violation of the ceasefire, though the Sunni militia is not a party to it to begin with. 10 were reported killed.

The city of Dhalea also reported some skirmishes, but no casualties, and did not make it clear who the Houthis were actually fighting in that case.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of