Saudis Continue Yemen Strikes, Accuse Houthis of ‘Violations’

Saudi Helicopter Destroys Random Truck on 'Suspicion'

Into the second day of the Yemen “humanitarian ceasefire,” Saudi warplanes are continuing to launch airstrikes against targets across Yemen, albeit at a somewhat slower rate than they were earlier in the week.

The Saudis followed up their continued strikes with claims that the Houthis are violating the ceasefire by fighting with Sunni militias in the south. The militias were not a party to the ceasefire, however.

It’s not just airstrikes from the Saudi side, either, as a Saudi helicopter gunship moved into the Saada Province and blew up a seemingly random truck on a highway, following it up with the claim the truck was “suspected” of smuggling weapons.

The primary purpose of the five-day ceasefire was to allow humanitarian aid into Yemen, and while some aid ships are believed to be en route, so far there haven’t been reports of more than nominal aid successfully arriving.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of