White House Expects ‘Two-State Commitment’ From Israel

Warns US May Revise Policy If Israel Isn't Sincere

National Security Adviser Susan Rice today insisted that the Obama Administration expects the incoming Israeli government to both endorse a two-state solution and to be sincere about it.

This is in spite of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu running on a policy explicitly opposed to a two-state solution, and likely coalition partner Neftali Bennett saying he wouldn’t join any government that isn’t opposed to Palestinian statehood.

US officials have reportedly warned they will “reevalutate” their policy toward Israel, likely a reference to their unconditional backing at the UN, if Israel doesn’t demonstrate a “genuine commitment” to the peace process.

This has long been a difficult balancing act for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who for years has had to placate even more hawkish coalition partners with moves hostile toward the Palestinians, while trying to keep up the pretense of support for peace enough to keep the US satisfied.

Historically this has meant making no progress on peace, blaming the Palestinians, and expanding the settlements, though the White House seems to be increasingly unsatisfied with that policy.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.