Iran Slams Senate Bill: Says Deal With Six Countries, Not Just US

Israeli Officials Cheer Bill as an 'Achievement for Israeli Policy'

With a Senate compromise ensuring that the US Congress will be given effective veto power over any nuclear deal negotiated with Iran, Iranian officials are reminding the US that they are only one of six nations being negotiated with.

Reforming President Hassan Rouhani expressed annoyance at the move, saying Iran isn’t negotiating with the US Senate to begin with and shouldn’t have to face the possibility of the Senate overriding a deal made.

Israel, by contrast, is thrilled at the bill throwing a road-block in front of a potential nuclear deal, with Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz terming it “an achievement for Israeli policy.”

The bill dramatically weakens the US negotiating position at the talks, as it will now be unclear if the US negotiators can actually deliver what they offer without having to first check with a hawkish Congress largely opposed to any deal.

The bill will give Congress at least 30 days after a deal is nominally reached to kill it, which further imperils the deal, with Iranian officials wanting sanctions lifted when the deal takes effect. They’ll be expected to start implementing their limits on civilian nuclear work immediately, of course, not after the Senate says its okay.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of