Saudi War Reverses Refugee Tide: Yemenis Fleeing to Somalia

UN: Over 1,200 Have Reached Horn of Africa by Boat

Reflecting just how quickly the Saudi war has turned impoverished Yemen into a humanitarian catastrophe, the UN has announced that over 1,200 refugees from Yemen have arrived in the Horn of Africa, predominantly to Somalia.

The journey across the Gulf of Aden in makeshift boats is nothing new, but the direction the boats are heading is. For years, Yemen has faced a huge influx of refugees from Somalia, Eritrea, etc across that gulf. Now things have gotten so bad they’re headed the other way.

Travel across the gulf is dangerous, with hundreds dying annually. Those who survive will face uncertain futures in Africa, as the nations they are fleeing to aren’t exactly prepared to cope with refugees.

The situation within Yemen is worse, however, with an impending Saudi invasion prepared to turn a dire situation even worse. Yemen imports over 90% of its food annually, and food shipments have all but stopped since the war began, meaning shortages are already starting in the major cities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of