Yemen’s Houthis Urge Ceasefire and Peace Talks

No Conditions Except End of Airstrikes

Top Houthi political figure Saleh al-Sammad today expressed the faction’s openness toward peace talks with the Saudi Arabian-led coalition, provided that the attacks on Yemen halt.

“We have no conditions except a halt to the aggression and sitting on the dialogue table within a specific time period,” Sammad said, saying they would also like a neutral party to oversee the dialogue.

The Russian government is probably a prime candidate for this, as one of the few nations trying to push a humanitarian ceasefire to allow the Red Cross to deliver aid.

Negotiations are unlikely, however, as the Saudi government has ruled out any end to airstrikes unless former President Hadi is restored to power. Though Sammad once served as a top adviser to Hadi, he insisted Yemenis do not support the return of the former military leader.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of