Saudi Strike Kills at Least 40 Civilians at Yemen Dairy

80 Others Wounded as Attack Collapses Building

A massive dairy complex in the port city of Hodeida was destroyed today in an apparent missile strike by Saudi forces, which have over the past week been attacking Yemen.

At least 40 civilian workers were killed in the attack, with 80 others wounded and the toll expected to rise. It is the latest in a flurry of massive civilian catastrophes in the Saudi war.

Saudi coalition officials struggled to figure out what their official stance on the attack was, with some officials denying the dairy was hit at all, others accusing the Houthis of attacking it for no obvious reason, and still others bragging of the Saudi strike and accusing the Houthis of hiding arms in the complex.

A similar, unsuccessful denial was seen in the attack earlier this week on a refugee camp, which Saudi officials similarly denied had happened, until aid groups confirmed it was indeed an airstrike.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of