Republican Presidential Candidates Endorse Iran Letter

Govs. Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry Both Back Letter

While controversy continues to swirl violently around the open letter to Iran by 47 Republican senators, the signatures of four of the Senators, Rand Paul (R – KY), Marco Rubio (R – FL), Ted Cruz (R – TX), and Lindsey Graham (R – SC), all presidential hopefuls with eyes on the 2016 primary, has sparked a response.

Governors Bobby Jindal (LA) and Rick Perry (TX), two other potential candidates, are throwing their own support behind the potentially treasonous letter, seemingly so they don’t get left out.

The determination of the would-be candidates to be part of this letter is not coincidental, as it comes just a week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed Congress to sabotage the Iran deal, and the letter is a clear effort to do exactly that.

Also uncoincidentally, the largest donor to Netanyahu’s reelection campaign, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, is also a big target donor for Republican candidates. Adelson’s outspoken opponent to diplomacy with Iran is likely fueling a lot of this effort, as politicians in Israel and the US both court his deep pockets with grandiose efforts to sabotage the Iran talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of