Kerry: Demanding Iran Surrender Not a Plan

US Reiterates Lack of Alternative Strategy by Netanyahu

Top Administration officials are continuing to fault Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech against Iran negotiations yesterday, saying he never provided a concrete alternative to the current negotiation track.

Simply demanding that Iran capitulate is not a plan,” noted Secretary of State John Kerry, who says that progress continues to be made on the negotiations with Iran, but that it is also possible a deal won’t be reached.

The ongoing negotiations center around a trade, in which Iran agrees to significantly limit their civilian nuclear program in return for easing international sanctions. Netanyahu demanded more sanctions, as well as for Iran to give upall of its civilian program.

US officials have been quick to point out that there’s no reason for Iran to agree to these terms, and have also warned that the other P5+1 nations involved in the talks wouldn’t accept Israel’s terms either.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of