US Officials Dismiss Netanyahu’s ‘Impossible’ Iran Deal

Virtually No One Would Accept Israeli Terms

US officials have shrugged off Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dictated terms for an alternative Iran deal as completely “impossible” to see accepted.

Officials said that not only would Iran never accept the terms laid out by Netanyahu, but that virtually none of the other P5+1 nations would tolerate the Israeli demands either.

The demand for a complete, unconditional dismantlement of Iran’s civilian nuclear infrastructure would never be accepted, and the call to couple it with a round of new sanctions, seemingly just for spite, would all but guarantee Iran would abandon the talks.

The current talks center on Iran agreeing to limit its civilian program in return for less sanctions. Netanyahu laid out a plan that would see more sanctions, and demands for no nuclear program at all. There was no “exchange” involved, except the implicit trade of Israel and the US not wiping out Iran militarily, something Netanyahu has been talking up for years.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of