Ukraine Ultranationalists Spurn Ceasefire, Will Continue ‘Active Fighting’

Leader Insists Deals With 'Terrorist' East Have No Legal Force

The ceasefire between Ukraine’s government and eastern rebels is set to begin over the weekend, with both sides scrambling to secure some last minute territorial gains, predictably. Not everyone is planning on stopping, however.

Dmytry Yarosh, the leader of the ultranationalist Right Sector, insists they have no intention of stopping the war against ethnic Russians in the east, and that they intend to continue according to their own plans even if their allies in the government stop.

Yarosh insisted that the Right Sector considers easterners to be “terrorists,” and that therefore the ceasefire with them is unconstitutional, and will be ignored. Ukraine has been using far-right militias as front-line fighters in the civil war.

The Right Sector is fascist, using a lot of neo-Nazi imagery. They insist the ethnic Russian population of the nation’s east is a threat to Ukraine’s national greatness, and have pushed heavily for the civil war against them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of