AP Confirms Massive Civilian Toll in Israel’s Gaza War

Israel Warns Against Drawing 'Broad Conclusions' Over Hundreds of Dead

Since Israel has been blocking UN investigators, the Associated Press investigation into a portion of Israeli airstrikes against civilian targets in the summer Gaza Strip War may be the closest we get to an international investigation into the massacres.

The AP looked at 247 of the 5,000+ Israeli airstrikes in the war, all of which were focused on residential areas, and confirmed a massive death toll even in this small sample of the attacks.

They confirmed 844 dead. 508 of them, over 60% of the total, were women, children, and the elderly, all definitely civilians. The slain men are more difficult to conclusively identify, but since these were residential areas it’s safe to assume civilians are also among them.

That’s a pretty damning number, with Palestinian officials complaining that it makes no sense for Israel to call it “collateral damage” when it constitutes such a large majority of the victims.

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Peter Lerner said civilian deaths were regettable, but warned against “drawing broad conclusions” simply from the many, many hundreds of dead civilians confirmed in less than 5% of the strikes.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.