US Hypes Jordanian Warplanes Bombing ISIS

Bombings, But What Kind of Targets Are They Hitting?

Every day, the US-led anti-ISIS alliance launched dozens of bombings against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria, destroying buildings they figure are being used as “training centers” or bases for the militants.

It usually goes by without much notice, but Jordanian officials are particularly making note of the attacks today, insisting they’re going to “eliminate” ISIS outright as part of their revenge for the recent video showing the execution of one of their pilots.

Yet once again, the question of what they’re actually hitting is mostly unanswered, and seems to be the same tactic of hitting any big looking building in ISIS territory on the assumption it must be assumption.

The alliance has notoriously bad intelligence on the inner workings of ISIS, particularly on the Syrian side, with a lot of their policy making based on suppositions. The appearance of bombings doing anything worthwhile is probably fine for Jordan at this point, however, since the attacks are primarily a show for their promised “revenge” against the militants.

The show of militarism in Jordan went so far as to include officials releasing images of Jordan’s King Abdullah II in combat gear, leading to reports that he’s going to personally fly bombing runs. Those claims were quickly denied by officials, meaning the picture was just cosplay for PR purposes.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of