39 Killed, Mostly Civilians, in Syria Strikes on ISIS Territory

27 Killed in Attacks on Cattle Market

At least 39 people have been reported killed today in a pair of Syrian airstrikes against ISIS-controlled territory. Rebels are saying that the majority of the slain are civilians.

27 of the slain were in a cattle market in the village of Khansaa, near the Iraqi border. Some rebels are saying the toll could rise, potentially dramatically, are a number of others are wounded.

The attack appears to have been one of the barrel bomb strikes which so often kill civilians. The use of the weapons, oil barrels full of explosives, has been criticized for its inaccuracy, with the barrels often careening wildly off-course and hitting civilians.

11 other civilians were reported slain in Saraqeb in another airstrike. Locals say they come under virtually daily attack, either from Syria or the US. Today’s strikes were Syrian.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.