FBI Shrugs Off Evidence, Reiterates North Korea Hacked Sony

Latest Evidence Suggests Multiple Hacking Groups Were After Sony

The evidence from investigators strongly points toward a private group of hackers including a disgruntled former employee being responsible for the hack of Sony Pictures.

Don’t tell the FBI that, however, because despite a huge amount of evidence coming out afterwards, they continue to hold tight to the narrative that North Korea did it to stop the release of the movie The Interview.

The FBI started the North Korea theory, and it was only after they started bringing up that possibility that the hackers themselves embraced that story, which conveniently turned attention away from the insider attack theory which seems likely to be the case.

Indeed, along with the existing hacker group, there is some emerging evidence out of Sony Pictures that they came under phishing attack from an apparently wholly separate group traced back to Turkey and Britain, at the same time the other hack was going on.

Sony seems to have become a prime target for someone, though it doesn’t appear to be North Korea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.